Home of the Adventure!

Are you prepared for adventure? Adventure Palace, Microgaming’s modern addition to exciting imagery and classic slot animations, is rolling your way. With exciting sounds and eloquent play styles, Adventure Palace Slots offers a slew of benefits for new and experienced players alike.

Bonus Features Adventure Palace Slots contains maximum bets for low spin costs, and players are always welcome to try their hands at exclusive features capable of heightening the stakes. As soon as the game begins, its two bonus features are geared up and ready to go. This feature has become a bit of a trend in online casinos.

Adventure Palace Slots imbues its solidified Gamble Game with free casino spins and triggered bonuses. Players are granted their winnings for surpassing trials, and score multipliers are always an option. Adventure Palace Slots, while expansive, never strays too far from great gaming experiences known to produce success and excitement.

The Jungle Palace Scatter Symbol Adventure Palace Slots offers an exclusive Jungle Palace symbol to keep the ball rolling. A high-end multiplier based upon the player’s overall bet, the Jungle Palace symbol is the apple of most players’ eyes. Just two symbols deliver a two-times multiplier, while the game’s five-times multiplier is reserved for three symbols. Four symbols reveal a 20-times multiplier, and the final, five-symbol win delivers a glorious, 500-times payout multiplier.


The Wild Winnings Once a $45 maximum bet per spin has been achieved, landing five Jungle Palace symbols delivers an excellent $22,500 payout! The fun isn’t over, either — as the elephant wild symbol makes an appearance. The elephant symbol substitutes for every other symbol but the scatter symbol, and players can obtain better opportunities to land winning combinations. The elephant wild symbol can also double a player’s maximum winning payout combinations. Rather than the usual 750-coin jackpot with four tigers and five tigers, the elephant provides an astounding 1,500 coins. Adventure Palace Slots is a fascinating game founded on tried-and-true mechanics.

Triggered best online casino, great treasures and comprehensive game play awaits, and players are always guaranteed excitement at every turn! An artistic style prevails, and the game’s modern platform will likely set industry standards for many, many years.