Maple Casino Review

Canadian gaming has never been better! Maple Casino provides a modern cornerstone for big-time players seeking thrills, excitement and a modern touch upon industry favorites. Its patrons have established its reputation — which is extraordinarily high. With great design, Internet big-hitters and high-stake winnings, Maple Casino is a gambling powerhouse.

The Maple Casino Bonus Collection

New players are never left out when Maple Casino is hosting. The casino’s platform is instant, $40 deposit options offer riveting experiences from the get-go, and players are welcome to obtain, utilize and become empowered by several bonuses:

Bonus A matched, $60 bonus upon entering
Bankroll A $100 starting bankroll
Loyalty Constant loyalty point accessibility
Deposit Bonus A 15-percent deposit bonus

Maple Casino’s Powerhouse Foundation

Maple Casino has achieved grandeur for several reasons. It’s directly downloadable, providing industry players with exceptional accessibility. The download is quick, fast and secure. Players can additionally purchase the platform’s collector hard copy, adding further sustainability to their gaming options.

Meanwhile, Maple Mobile Casino is an eCOGRA-certified collection available on smartphones and tablets. An Apple favorite, Maple Mobile Casino never fails to please, and its cashier option provides accessibility via instant deposits and well-protected, encryption-coded software.

Maple Casino Games

Blackjack, three-card poker and classic slots are always available, as are modern pop gaming inclusions, Tomb Raider among them. Each slot offers great subgames, high-rolling achievements and high replayability.
Similarly, the platform’s multiline slots are a great inclusion, and more than half a million dollars in paid-out jackpots are available on several games.

Payment Options and Security

Maple Casino is no stranger to protection, and both its Web and mobile platforms offer 128-bit technology to keep payments secure. Each offers expansive payment options, including the following:

• Credit cards
• Direct transfers
• Web wallets

The Maple Casino Support Team

Maple Casino’s support is available around the clock, and its English and French technicians are available to assist customers with technical and play options. At Maple Casino, customer satisfaction isn’t only sought — it’s guaranteed!

Maple Casino’s Loyalty Program

Deposits run the Maple Casino Loyalty Program, and high-climbing players always have excellent opportunities. Points direct players through the platform’s VIP structure, offering high-syndicated play and excellent, competitive options.